Sunday, October 23, 2011

Girls' Night In

I think my friends and I have started a new trend. Girls' night in is SO the new girls' night out! We had all of the classic elements of your classic GNO (cute outfits, food & drinks) but we did it all in the comfort of my house and no one had too far to travel home. Plus, we made cute crafts to boot! I'm gonna go ahead and call it the new "it" thing. Look for it in next months People "What's Hot, What's Not" section!

I decided to go with a Halloween decor since my house was already decked out in black and orange. We needed my dining room table for workspace, so I moved the decor to the bar to set the stage for our food. I served bacon, cream cheese and jalapenos pastries (a Pinterest find no doubt), Brie with fruit, chocolate & candy corn dipped pretzels, and Rolo brownie bites (also a Pinterest find). My girlfriends also brought an array of other yummy treats including pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and warm baked Brie. Yum!

Bacon, Cream Cheese & Jalapeno Pastries

All you need is crumbled bacon, chopped fresh jalapenos and refrigerated crescent rolls. Stuff everything into the triangle and turn into a pretty little twist. Bake at 375 degrees for 15 minutes. These easy little poppers are definitely a new party fave of mine!

Rolo Brownie Bites

I followed this Bakers Royale recipe and made these brownie bites from scratch. Don't get me wrong, they were delish, but next time I will just save myself some time and use a box recipe. I also left off the icing and caramel topping and I'm glad I did because these babies were ultra rich!

Chocolate & Candy Corn Dipped Pretzels

I put a Halloween spin on these classic chocolate dipped pretzel rods by rolling them in chopped candy corn. I served them bouquet style in a small Mason jar with candy corn as a filler.

Here's the whole spread including all the goodies my friends brought:

Now, for the crafts. We took old or cheap picture frames, spray painted them all nice and shiny, and filled them with scrapbook paper. Then we took bulldog clips and put them on the glass or frame so you can just interchange your pictures without taking them in and out of the frame. There were a couple of kinks, but all in all they turned out super cute!

Here's what the frames were supposed to turn out like, with a spray painted bulldog clip on the front of the glass. However, I bought epoxy to adhesive them to the glass, and it didn't work. Next time I will use hot glue.


Here's the final product- I love them! And Jennifer was extra creative and brought lace to spray paint over, so some of the frames have a lacy look- cute!

What a fun night! Wonder what we'll make next time?

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