Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Overdrive

So many Halloween projects, so little time! Today I made a Halloween trail mix, aka "Scarecrow Crunch" for Jack's daycare teachers and witch hat cookies for our neighborhood Halloween party. I also got to dress my little Milkdud up in his cow costume for the neighborhood party. He was seriously too cute! I didn't get many good pics, so hopefully I'll get some Monday and then post them.

Tomorrow I plan on either making pumpkin whoopie pies or spider web sugar cookies for our Halloween dinner Monday evening. We'll also carve our pumpkin tomorrow. I can't believe October is winding down already... I'm sad, but also excited because that means Thanksgiving and then Christmas! Have I mentioned how much I love the holiday season? I see a busy future ahead!

Scarecrow Crunch Trail Mix

Witch Hat No Bake Cookies

* Quick rant... Why can't I find orange colored frosting? I'm awful at making it! It always comes out too fleshy looking... I couldn't even find it in the tube. Oh well, it worked I guess!

These were a big hit with the kids at the neighborhood Halloween party. And so simple to make!

Stay tuned for more Halloween fun!


  1. You are amazing, Susie!!! I'm inspired!!

  2. my kids are making this monday! solution or mixture :)